Lander Vanderstraeten

Lander Vanderstraeten

Lead Software Developer


Eeek, my tests tests are mutating

SymfonyCon Cluj 2017 unconference
PHP Gent

Writing tests is nice, but how are you sure that your tests cover all use cases? Code coverage can give false positive metrics. A new way of working that goes by the name of mutation testing has gained a lot of popularity lately. This talk will explain you what it is, how you can integrate it and contains a demo over the basics of mutation testing with infection and phpspec.


PHP Developer

August 2016 – Today

In August 2016, I started at PHPro as a custom PHP developer. My main focus lies in building new applications with Symfony. For my current project, I'm the lead developer for the creation of a Symfony 3 microservice platform.

Internship PHP Developer

February 2015 – June 2015

In my final year of my professional bachelor, I did a second internship at Wijs. During this internship, I have built some custom modules for multiple Fork CMS websites.

Internship secondary school

Netlash-bSeen Ghent, February 2012

During my last year of secondary school, I did my internship at Netslash-bSeen.


Professional Bachelor in Electronics-ICT

Odisee Ghent, 2012-2015

During these three years I learned a lot about networking, server management, electronics, hardware, software and web development.

IT management

Visitatie Mariakerke, 2013-2015

In the third grade I moved on from Engineering Sciences to IT management at Visitatie Mariakerke.
I learned basic programming and networking principles.

Engineering Sciences

Sint-Franciscus Evergem, 2011-2013

Engineering Sciences at Sint-Franciscus Evergem puts emphasis on mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology.

  • Skills

  • Symfony
  • Docker, microservices
  • CQRS, event sourcing
  • Domain-Driven Design, design patterns
  • Languages

  • Dutch (Excellent)
  • English (Fluent)
  • French (Limited)