Lander Vanderstraeten

Software craftsman
Certified AWS cloud architect
Domain-driven design advocate

Lander Vanderstraeten


Engineering manager

September 2023 – Today

Today, I am an engineering manager leading a small team dedicated to develop software for personalisation and recommender systems. This role affords me the privilege of seamlessly blending managerial responsibilities with hands-on software development.

AI, AWS, Serverless Computing, Domain-Driven Design, CQRS

Senior software engineer

August 2022 – September 2023

After one year of consultancy, I'm back at Napleon Sports and Casino where I'm part of a small team to ideate and implement multiple greenfield products.

AWS, TypeScript, Serverless Computing, Domain-Driven Design, CQRS, Event Sourcing

Senior software engineer

August 2021 – August 2022

While serving as a software architect, I missed the hands-on joy of development. In my next project, I immersed myself in greenfield software development within a fully serverless cloud environment. The AWS lambda functions are written in TypeScript and connecting with AWS IoT Core via MQTT. High performance communicating and low latency is key, so this made it an interesting challenge!

IoT, AWS, TypeScript, Serverless Computing

Software architect

July 2020 – August 2021

Moving on from technical lead of a single team, I have been promoted to be software architect overarching multiple development teams. I fully focussed on creating high level solution diagrams, participation in technology selection and advocating technical guidelines and principles. I provided reviews to implementations of multiple teams and guide them with high quality standards. Together with other architects, we try to find the right balance between technology and the product requirements of business stakeholders during the creation of roadmaps and assigning priorities.

Enterprise software architecture, Distributed systems

Technical lead

October 2017 – July 2020

I gradually have been promoted to lead developer, until I had the chance to prove myself as a technical lead for the creation of a greenfield event-driven gaming platform. This microservices platform contains a mix of technologies and focuses on the right tool for the job. Symfony is chosen together with Node. RabbitMQ is used as central communication tool between the services where MongoDB and Redis are the preferred databases. As a huge fan for domain-driven design, each service is strictly following this approach with command-query-responsibility-segregation finishing this buzzwords list.

PHP, Node, CQRS, MongoDB, Redis, Microservices, Kubernetes

Software engineer

August 2016 – October 2017

I started at PHPro as an IT Consultant. I have been developing an administrative tool to manage club members, organize hikes, ordering materials, creating clubs and so on. After one month, I started at Napleon Sports and Casino, number one biggest online gambling company in Belgium. My main focus lied in building new applications with Symfony.

PHP, Symfony


AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

Issued on February 24, 2022

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AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate


  • Amazon Web Services
  • Application modernisation
  • CQRS
  • Distributed systems
  • Domain-Driven Design
  • Enterprise software architecture
  • Event Sourcing
  • Functional programming
  • Golang
  • JavaScript
  • Event-Driven systems
  • Legacy migration
  • Microservice architecture
  • MongoDB
  • NodeJS
  • Redis
  • Restful API design
  • Serverless computing
  • TypeScript
  • UML


Eeek, my tests are mutating!

SymfonyCon Amsterdam 2019SymfonyCon Cluj 2017PHP Ghent

Writing tests is nice, but how are you sure that your tests cover all use cases? Code coverage can give false positive metrics. A new way of working that goes by the name of mutation testing has gained a lot of popularity lately. This talk will explain you what it is, how you can integrate it and contains a demo over the basics of mutation testing with infection and phpspec.

Introduction tactical Domain-Driven Design

Private consulting

You may have heard of Domain-Driven Design. That DDD makes for more understandable and readable code. You may have even heard that DDD focuses on communication, modeling and business processes.
Starting with DDD sounds big and scary, doesn't it? This presentation explains the basic terms and how you can apply them tomorrow.


Professional Bachelor in Electronics-ICT

Odisee Ghent, 2012 – 2015

During these three years I learned a lot about networking, server management, electronics, hardware, software and web development.

IT management

Visitatie Mariakerke, 2010 – 2012

In the third grade I moved on from Engineering Sciences to IT management at Visitatie Mariakerke.
I learned basic programming and networking principles.

Engineering Sciences

Sint-Franciscus Evergem, 2006 – 2010

Engineering Sciences at Sint-Franciscus Evergem puts emphasis on mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology.